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Electric vehicles (EVs) cost less to fuel, leave the atmosphere cleaner and help make us energy independent without compromising comfort safety or performance. As the only vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions, EVs make environmental sense.

nissan leaf offer
Nissan North America is offering APS customers a $3,000 rebate off MSRP for a Nissan LEAF 100-percent electric car. Electric vehicles offer customers the chance to help the environment and save money, with the added satisfaction of knowing that half of the energy produced by APS is already carbon-free. 

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Offer details 
  • Bring a printout of the offer flyer (both pages) and a copy of your monthly APS bill to receive a $3,000 rebate off MSRP 
  • Present both to the dealer when purchasing 
  • Offer expires January 2, 2019, and cannot be combined with other Nissan special incentives
  • If you have questions about your rebate, contact Valerie Kornahrens with Nissan at 
  • See page 2 of the offer flyer for complete rules and restrictions 
Electric vehicles benefit the environment due to no tailpipe emissions, run quieter, require less maintenance (no oil changes) and on average cost about half as much to run as a gas-powered vehicle, all while helping make us more energy independent and keeping more energy dollars at home. 
The Nissan LEAF:
  • Is 100% electric with up to 151-mile range* 
  • Has an all new exterior and interior styling reflecting Nissan design language
  • Features the optional ProPILOT Assist** helps make highway driving easier and less stressful 
* MY18 EPA range of 151 miles. Actual may vary based on driving conditions. Use for comparison only.
**ProPILOT Assist cannot prevent collisions. Always monitor traffic conditions and keep both hands on the wheel. See Owner’s Manual for safety information.
Legal Disclaimer: This rebate offer to APS employees and customers is not an endorsement by APS of any goods or services offered by Nissan. APS does not make any representations or warranties regarding the goods, services, or offers made by Nissan. APS and its subsidiaries expressly disclaim liability for errors and omissions herein. APS and its subsidiaries further disclaim any warranty or liability of any product referenced herein of any kind, implied, expressed, or statutory, including but not limited to the warranties of title, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. 
APS and electric vehicles
  • Find the right service plan: By smart charging when rates are lower during off-peak hours (or lowest during super off-peak hours), EV owners can reduce their peak usage, maximize savings, and help more fully capture the benefits of solar energy for all customers
  • APS has a plan before the Arizona Corporation Commission that will boost the accessibility of electric vehicles, including pre-wiring new homes, helping Arizona businesses and cities electrify their fleets, providing free electric school buses and charging stations to select districts, and more.

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