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We support the efforts of industrial companies to be more competitive by relocating or expanding in Arizona. It’s expensive to fund infrastructure improvements needed to access power. Our business-friendly line extension policy is one way we support economic growth.
line extension policy
Our policy includes implementing economic feasibility studies (EFS) that highlight the economic benefit of each company’s revenues.
line extension example
Our example is based on the infrastructure necessary for a company:
  • building a 750,000 square-foot facility in Casa Grande
  • requiring a connection for 2 MWs of power
A business connecting to 2MWs of power requires the following equipment:
Switching Cabinet                         $16,648
2000 KVA transformer                   $52,748
OH to UG transition                       $  8,290
Primary Wire 3-750                       $  6,247
Primary wire 3-1/0                        $  7,188
Secondary wire                             $  8,392
Total w/contingencies               *$100,000+
*Customers are responsible for some expenses including trenching, conduit and equipment located on their side of the meter.
In this example, the addition of equipment and contingencies could increase the cost of connecting to our electric grid to more than $100,000. However, an EFS study would confirm that a deposit wasn’t required from this customer for the line extension to their facility. 

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