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APS works with our large power uses on innovative energy solutions that allow us both to function more efficiently. In fact, APS has worked with the Arizona Corporation Commission on lowering rates to as much as $0.055 to $0.068 per kWh for certain projects to ensure Arizona is competitive in attracting high energy users. ​
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​line extension policy
APS may assist in covering capital costs for new electric service traditionally paid by the developer or end user. When new electric service is established the construction of new facilities or the relocation and/or upgrade of existing facilities may be required. APS has the ability to assist with some of the related construction costs depend on an applicant's location, scope of project, load size, and load characteristics.
APS evaluates the economic impact of an applicant’s new electrical service request and how it affects the APS distribution system through an Economic Feasibility Study (EFS) that highlights the economic benefit the new electric load requirement will bring to our system.

​energy efficiency
A competitive business environment is important to realizing the state’s overall economic health. As a result, we encourage energy efficiency practices in all facilities in order to save cost. To help incentivize energy efficiency the APS program, Solutions for Business, has a broad selection of rebates and incentives to help customers manage energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and realize tangible cost savings. Energy efficiency programs include direct dollar incentives, training, and energy information service offerings.
Detailed information on APS Solutions for Business Program can be found at:
For specialized rate analysis please email our office
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​unique partnerships
APS shared the costs to build a 63-megawatt microgrid with Aligned Energy that will de​liver unmatched reliability.

APS will own, operate and maintain a 40-megawatt solar plant that will provide power for PayPal and Arizona State University while enabling them to enlarge their green footprints.