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​The best time to incorporate energy efficiency is during the initial design stage. Take advantage of our rebates towards the modeling and construction of high-performance buildings.

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whole-building rebates
When designing and building a new facility, you'll face many decisions along the way. Make sure you make the easy one and incorporate energy efficiency into your initial design. Often times efficiency is sacrificed due to perceived costs or aesthetics, but that doesn't have to be the case. A small investment today will have you saving on energy costs for years to come. That's why we offer rebates towards the modeling, design and construction of energy-efficient buildings.
the benefits of investing now
​By incorporating energy efficiency into the initial design, you can actually minimize costs and start saving on day one. It can be expensive to retrofit a building with better ventilation or insulation and it is disruptive to occupants. Energy-efficiency is also a major aspect of achieving designations such as ENERGY STAR® or LEED.

what rebates are available?
​Our whole-building rebate encourages design teams, building owners and developers to design and construct buildings (over 25,000 sq. ft.) that perform at least 10% better than ASHRAE 90.1. The whole-building program offers three different rebates.

  • Perform energy modeling using approved software to try out different designs and evaluate a variety of energy-saving strategies. Rebates cover 50% of the cost of modeling up to $10,000.
  • Design teams, owners and developers are eligible for rebates based on the efficiency of the final design. The rebate increases as the building exceeds the ASHRAE 90.1 standard.

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what if my building is already designed?
​It's not too late to take advantage of our standard and custom rebates which help offset the cost of installing individual energy-saving components such as lighting, HVAC, windows and sensors.

let's get started
​Energy efficiency is our specialty, so make sure you contact us early in the design process. We can provide recommendations and help you maximize your rebates. Give us a call at (866) 277-5605 to get started.
​We regularly hold energy efficiency workshops for customers and industry professionals. Learn about the latest energy-saving technologies and take advantage of our 50% tuition discounts.

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apsFYI newsletter
Our newsletter is a great resource to stay up to date on energy-efficiency and other programs we offer. If you are interested in having this emailed directly to you, please register on

program allies
All architecture and design firms can help you incorporate energy-efficiency into your design. The companies listed below are familiar with our program requirements and working with them may help your project move through the process more quickly.

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companyphoneservicesareas servedapplication count
AGR Consulting(602) 288-8900Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide6
Hazen and Sawyer(480) 436-7959Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide1
IMEG Group(480) 951-0517Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, HVAC ConsultingSoutheast, Metro, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest 
Johnston Engineering Company(480) 443-8773Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, HVAC ConsultingNorthwest38
LEA Architects(602) 943-7511Architectural Services Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Metro5
McKinstry Essention, LLC(720) 577-2004Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, IT Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration ConsultingStatewide1
Tata & Howard Inc.(928) 774-9500Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, Pumps & BlowersMetro, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest6
Wendel WD Architecture, Engineering, Surveying & Landscape Architecture, PC(877) 293-6325Lighting Consulting, Energy Audits/Consulting, Architectural Services,Engineering, HVAC Consulting, Refrigeration ConsultingMetro, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast0
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energy tips
  • take advantage of natural light and controls to minimize the number of lighting fixtures in a new building
  • enhance your building envelope with high performance windows, doors and insulation
  • include sensors and other controls to optimize the efficiency of your hvac system