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Motors are the power behind fans and pumps in various commercial systems. Replacing a motor with a more efficient option can produce significant savings in energy costs that can quickly pay back the purchase process.

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variable speed drive (vsd) rebates

​Many motors operate at a constant speed, accounting for 50% of electric costs for most industrial customers and 10% for large office buildings. Variable speed drives (VSDs) match a motor’s speed to its load, cutting energy use and reducing wear and tear on the motor and its related components.

Tailored rebates are available for a range of equipment that benefits from VSDs, including:

  • chilled water pumps
  • domestic water pumps
  • HVAC fans​
  • air compressors
  • refrigeration compressors
  • refrigeration fans
  • pool pumps
rebates for replacing motors

​When replacing an existing motor, consider a premium efficiency motor, which can produce significant savings in annual electricity costs and quickly pay back the purchase price.

  • select a motor that meets the performance requirements of the motor system
  • specify a new motor with a full-load speed no greater than the motor it replaces
energy information services

​Receive rebates to manage and track how you use energy with our online tool that analyzes energy use in your buildings and across properties.



​We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low interest rate financing for qualifying projects. Rebates reduce upfront project costs and this financing offer may cover the rest.

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​Contact a Trade Ally who specializes in our programs.

energy studies

Find out precisely how your facility is wasting energy and receive customized recommendations. Rebates for energy studies can offset up to 50% of the qualifying cost of audits, feasibility studies, and more.


​We regularly hold energy efficiency workshops for customers and industry professionals. Learn about the latest energy-saving technologies and take advantage of our 50% tuition discounts.

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apsFYI newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter offers information and advice to help your business save energy and money.

trade allies
Work with a Trade Ally to ensure your project is a success. They are trained on our program requirements and application process so your project will move through the process quickly.
Below are Trade Allies who specialize in variable speed drives and motors, or view a complete list of Trade Allies.
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companyphoneservicesareas servedapplication count
3P Motor Controls(480) 268-2393Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, Motors/Drives/PumpsNorthwest2
AAA Cooling Specialists(480) 481-0000Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, HVAC TuneUp, Motors/Drives/PumpsMetro, Northwest10
AAF - McQuay Service Inc(602) 997-0622Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide4
Abbott Energy Inc.(480) 760-5403Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesMetro, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest0
Aether Energy Management(404) 258-8841HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesSouthwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Metro0
Alfinisolutions, LLC(602) 485-8489Energy Audits/Consulting, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide0
Arizona Contract Services(480) 296-5912Energy Audits/Consulting, Pump Service,Equipment VendorNortheast, Metro, Southwest, Northwest0
Bel-Aire Mechanical(623) 846-8600Equipment Vendor, HVAC Installation, Refrigeration Installation, Motors/Drives/PumpsMetro, Northwest9
Benson Systems(480) 892-8688Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, IT Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation, Motors/Drives/PumpsNorthwest, Metro2
Burden Mechanical LLC(928) 402-0379Express Solutions, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, HVAC TuneUp, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation, Pumps & Blowers, VSD & Motors, Refrigeration Consulting, Refrigeration InstallationNortheast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, Metro0
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energy tips
  • Install a variable speed drive (VSD) to reduce motor energy use by up to 75%.
  • Keep drive belts at their proper tension, clean fan blades, check pump impeller blades for wear, replace air filters regularly, maintain good ventilation, and inspect for increased vibration or power supply problems.
  • For maximum motor performance and efficiency, lubricate drive trains bearings, chains and gear.
  • VSDs work well on large motors that can operate for several hours at reduced speed and motors with loads that vary from day to night or seasonally.