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​Today’s advances in lighting technology offer businesses new options for equipment that consumes less energy. We offer rebates for lighting technology upgrades that lower your energy costs.

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lighting rebates: retrofit & new construction
Lighting costs represent a significant expense for Arizona businesses, as much as 42% of electricity costs for schools and small offices. We offer rebates for retrofit and new construction lighting projects designed to save you money.

Please note that as of January 1, 2017, we only offer rebates towards the installation of LEDs. Fluorescent technologies are no longer eligible.  Please contact us at 866-333-4735 if you have questions on project qualifications or rebate amounts.​

lighting & refrigeration express solutions

If your business meets a minimum monthly demand for electricity, you’re eligible for a free facility assessment and rebates that cover up to 90% of project costs.


custom rebates

Take your energy savings to the next level with custom rebates. If your project doesn’t appear on our list of prescriptive rebates, it may qualify for a custom rebate.


energy information services

Receive rebates to manage and track how you use energy with our online tool that analyzes energy use in your buildings and across properties.



​We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low interest rate financing for qualifying projects. Rebates reduce upfront project costs and this financing offer may cover the rest.

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find a contractor
​Contact a Trade Ally who specializes in our programs.

​A previous energy efficiency project prompted an Arizona factory to explore additional ideas to save money and energy. The result was an overhaul to its indoor lighting. Gone were the outdated, heat-producing fixtures that poorly illuminated work areas. In their place, the contractor installed T5 high-output electric ballasts and bulbs.
Jim Murphy, president of Weaver Quality Shutters, expects to see a savings between $250 and $300 in electricity costs a month. Since the installation, the business has seen its average monthly energy use decrease by nearly 10%.
energy studies

Find out precisely how your facility is wasting energy and receive customized recommendations. Rebates for energy studies can offset up to 50% of the qualifying cost of audits, feasibility studies, and more.


​We regularly hold energy efficiency workshops for customers and industry professionals. Learn about the latest energy-saving technologies and take advantage of our 50% tuition discounts.

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apsFYI newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter offers information and advice to help your business save energy and money.

trade allies
Work with a Trade Ally to ensure your project is a success. They are trained on our program requirements and application process so your project will move through the process quickly.
Below are Trade Allies who specialize in lighting, or view a complete list of Trade Allies.
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Abbott Energy Inc.(480) 760-5403Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesMetro, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest0
Absolute Zero, Inc.(602) 867-1275HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, Lighting InstallationNorthwest24
AC3E Hospitality Services(602) 525-0211Energy Audits/Consulting, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Refrigeration Installation Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, Metro, Southeast0
Accel Electric AZ LLC(602) 861-9559Lighting Consulting, Lighting InstallationStatewide427
Adobe Electric Inc(602) 620-7298Lighting Consulting, Lighting InstallationNorthwest, Metro44
Aether Energy Management(404) 258-8841HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesSouthwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Metro0
AGE / Green Power Services602-320-3232Lighting ConsultingMetro, Northwest, Southeast0
AGR Consulting(602) 288-8900Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide6
Alfinisolutions, LLC(602) 485-8489Energy Audits/Consulting, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide0
Alliance Electrical, Inc.928-343-1402Lighting Consulting, Lighting InstalationSouthwest2
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lighting tips
  • Cut the heat from inefficient lamps and reduce lighting energy use by 75% when you switch to CFLs or LEDs.
  • Maintain excellent light quality when you remove lamps and disconnect ballasts or replace standard wattage bulbs with energy-saving lamps in over-lit buildings.
  • Reduce lighting energy use  by 15–25% when you replace overhead T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with premium efficient T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts.