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​HVAC use accounts for 30-50% of energy costs for most Arizona businesses. We offer rebates on new, more efficient HVAC systems that can save you money and improve the comfort of your employees and customers.

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hvac equipment rebates
Has your HVAC unit failed or is it approaching the end of its useful life? Take advantage of our rebates and upgrade to a more efficient system. We can help with everything from package units to chillers. We also offer rebates for HVAC controls such as smart thermostats and energy management systems.

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​Contact a Trade Ally who specializes in our programs.


energy studies

Find out precisely how your facility is wasting energy and receive customized recommendations. Rebates for energy studies can offset up to 50% of the qualifying cost of audits, feasibility studies, and more.


​We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low-interest-rate financing for qualifying projects. Rebates reduce upfront project costs and this financing offer may cover the rest.

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​Our newsletter is a great resource to stay up to date on energy-efficiency and other programs we offer. If you are interested in having this emailed directly to you, please register on


trade allies
Work with a Trade Ally to ensure your project is a success. They are trained on our program requirements and application process so your project will move through the process quickly.
Below are Trade Allies who specialize in HVAC, or view a complete list of Trade Allies.
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AAA Cooling Specialists(480) 481-0000Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, HVAC TuneUp, Motors/Drives/PumpsMetro, Northwest10
AAF - McQuay Service Inc(602) 997-0622Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide4
Abbott Energy Inc.(480) 760-5403Energy Audits/Consulting, Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesMetro, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest0
Absolute Zero, Inc.(602) 867-1275HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, Lighting InstallationNorthwest24
AC3E Hospitality Services(602) 525-0211Energy Audits/Consulting, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Refrigeration Installation Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, Metro, Southeast0
Accutemp Refrigeration Inc(602) 957-3745HVAC Installation, HVAC TuneUp, Refrigeration InstallationNorthwest, Southwest, Metro24
Ace Home Services LLC(602) 943-2000Equipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, HVAC InstallationSoutheast, Metro, Northwest0
Aether Energy Management(404) 258-8841HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Pump ServicesSouthwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Metro0
Affordable Energy Solutions(480) 699-1481Energy Audits/Consulting, HVAC ConsultingMetro, Northwest0
AGR Consulting(602) 288-8900Energy Audits/Consulting, Engineering, HVAC Consulting, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Motors/Drives/PumpsStatewide6
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hvac tips
  • Install sensors that monitor room occupancy and automatically adjust the temperature when individuals enter or exit the room.
  • Run ceiling fans to make a space feel 3 to 5 degrees cooler.
  • Replace your aging or inoperable HVAC system with a properly sized ENERGY STAR® qualified model for maximum efficiency.
  • Save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs when you combine your thermostat with an HVAC zone-control system. This will also provide optimal comfort and efficiency throughout your facility.
  • Identify potential energy efficiency improvements with a walkthrough assessment or professional energy audit. Establish baseline energy usage, track changes to document the impact, target your most inefficient systems and use savings for additional capital investments. 
  • Schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep HVAC equipment running smoothly.
  • Check annually for refrigerant charge, loose electrical connections and dirt buildup on coils.
  • Save 75% of energy use when you add variable speed drives (VSDs) to air handlers.
  • Save 2-3% on cooling costs for each degree you raise the thermostat, set it between 78 - 80 degrees during working hours and 85 degrees after hours for optimal efficiency.
  • Use controls  to effectively manage HVAC systems, lighting circuits, hot-water heaters, office equipment, battery chargers and more.
  • Change HVAC filters every month, or more often if conditions dictate.
  • To increase efficiency, clean cooling coils several times each year and make sure outdoor coils are shaded from the sun and have good air circulation around them.
  • Save $900 per year when you replace your aging HVAC system with a properly sized high-efficiency model.