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building envelope
We offer rebates for installing new high-performance windows and glass doors that increase the energy efficiency of your building or shop.

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Save energy and money on new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems or improvements to the ones you have.

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information technology
Lower the cost of running IT equipment and systems with new technologies and improvements to existing systems and a rebate to reduce the cost of those improvements.

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Save energy with efficient lighting technologies and rebates to make energy efficiency simple and cost-effective for your business.

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vsds & motors
Make your motors energy savers for your business with rebates for new premium-efficiency motors or add variable-speed drives to existing motors to match energy use with need.

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pumps & blowers
Reduce the up-front cost for pump and blower improvements with an energy efficiency rebate.

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Find ways to reduce the energy it takes to power your refrigeration equipment with a rebate for new energy-efficient equipment or other energy-saving devices like cooler controls and automatic door closers.

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thermostats & energy controls
Installing energy efficient equipment isn't the only way to reduce your energy use. You can also save by better managing the way you use energy. We have rebates and a variety of tools to help you do just that.

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whole-building design
Learn the value of designing for efficiency with incentives that lower the cost of planning, modeling and constructing high-performance buildings.

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