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Our Express Solutions program is a special option designed with small and midsize customers in mind. It offers a streamlined approach to being energy-efficient and saving on your bill.



lower your monthly bill with express solutions
Want to save on your energy bill, but not sure where to start? Take the Express Solutions approach. We offer a free energy assessment to get you started and discounts of up to 90% on qualifying lighting and refrigeration equipment. The program focuses on these types of equipment because they offer the most savings potential and have quick paybacks — typically less than one year.

lighting options
​New energy-efficient lighting can save you up to 30% on your lighting energy costs and has many additional benefits.
You can look forward to:
  • less maintenance because the fixtures are more reliable and lamps last at least twice as long
  • improved safety because the lighting will be more even and higher quality
  • a better experience for customers and more cheerful employees
  • lower cooling bills because energy-efficient lights produce very little heat
Common lighting upgrades include:
  • linear LEDs
  • screw-in LEDs
  • exit signs
  • occupancy sensors
refrigeration options
If you have commercial coolers or commercial freezers and are looking for ways to save energy, upgrading refrigeration controls can save as much as $140 per year.
Refrigeration options include:
  • Electronically communicated (EC) motors
  • Anti-sweat heater controls
do I qualify?
Express solutions is open to all APS business customers with a monthly demand of 400kW or less and all K-12 schools. Another good rule of thumb is if your monthly bill is less than $14,000. If you aren't sure if you qualify, please call us at 866-333-4735 and we will review your bill.
other ways to save
Rebates for lighting and refrigeration aren't all we offer. If you are interested in other energy-saving upgrades such as smart thermostats, HVAC equipment or motors, check our our classic program.
get started
Contact an Express Solutions Trade Ally to schedule a facility assessment.
Have questions or need help finding an Express Solutions contractor in your area? Call us at 866-333-4735.
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how it works
  1. Choose from the list of Express Solutions Contractors in the tab above or call us at 866-277-5605 and we’ll help you pick the right one for your project.
  2. Your contractor will complete a free energy assessment and provide a written report highlighting the energy efficiency projects that will provide your business with the best bang for the buck. The report will include estimated energy and bill savings as well as the anticipated payback period.
  3. Pick the projects that best fit your business.
  4. Work with your contractor to have the equipment installed at a time that is convenient for you.
  5. Your contractor will bill you for the portion of the project costs not covered by our program.
Congratulations! Lower energy bills are on their way.

peace of mind
​Express Solutions Contractors install high-quality products that are designed to last longer than previous models. In fact, less maintenance is often a reason customers choose to upgrade their equipment, but things happen. That’s why your project comes with a warranty. In addition to a one year warranty on labor, you’ll receive:

1 year warranty
Occupancy sensors and photocells
Refrigeration measures
HVAC controls
3 year warranty
​Screw-in LED lights
Linear LED Lamps
5 year warranty
Electronic ballasts
10 year warranty
Exit signs

If you have any questions about the warranty, please contact the Solutions for Business Team at or (866) 277-5605.
express solutions contractors
In order to participate in the Express Solutions program, you must work with one of the contractors listed below. These are highly experienced energy professionals who enjoy working with small businesses and have access to our proprietary software to conduct the free assessment
filter results:  all |  a - g |  h - m |  n - s |  t - z
ATS Electric Inc(602) 943-6120AZExpress Solutions, Lighting Installation
Burden Electric LLC(928) 402-0379AZEquipment Vendor, Express Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation, MEEP
D & H Electric Inc.(928) 726-5671AZExpress Solutions, Lighting Installation
Genuine, Inc. (Demand Drop)(480) 474-4193AZEnergy Audits/Consulting, Express Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation, Refrigeration Consulting
MRB Management Inc. (Inline Electrical Resources)(602) 275-5245AZExpress Solutions, Lighting Installation
Red Mountain Lighting & Energy Service LLC(480) 325-8315AZExpress Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation
Rob Love Electric Inc(928) 300-8715AZExpress Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation
Stone Kat Development(623) 930-6765AZEquipment Vendor, HVAC Consulting, HVAC Installation, IT Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Lighting Installation, Refrigeration Consulting
Supermarket Energy Technologies LLC(602) 266-1635AZEquipment Vendor, Express Solutions, Lighting Consulting, Refrigeration Consulting, Refrigeration Installation
US Energy Services Inc(480) 419-1080AZExpress Solutions, Financier, Lighting Installation
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energy efficiency guides

Saving energy shouldn’t be one-size fits all approach, so we’ve created guides to help you find the best options based on your business type.

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Our newsletter is a great resource to stay up to date on energy-efficiency and other programs we offer. If you are interested in having this emailed directly to you, please register on 

We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low interest-rate financing for projects that qualify for rebates under the Solutions for Business program. Our rebates help reduce up-front project costs and financing may cover the rest.



content image
Boar’s Head a family run business decided to take advantage of the Express Solutions program.
“The project definitely cut back on energy usage and the project payback was under three months ,” says General Manager Ryan DeLandri.