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If you own or manage a medium or large business, Energy Information Services (EIS) can provide a quick-read summary of information to manage your energy budget.
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You can’t manage what you don’t measure. When you use energy is just as important as how much you use when it comes to managing energy costs. Our easy to use online tool tracks and analyzes your facility’s energy use giving you relevant and reliable data to make informed energy decisions that can save you money.

simple to use

When you sign up for EIS, you’ll have access to your data in an easy-to-read graphic representation that will help you understand your current energy consumption patterns. The tool also allows you to:

  • Run “what if” scenario planning to model usage pattern changes and energy reduction impacts.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce your operational costs.
  • Track operational change decisions and estimate your cost savings.
  • Model any rate under any available tariff.
eis rebates
We cover 100% of the cost of this service for the first year. You can try it with no obligation and if you wish to continue the service you’ll pay just $20 per month per meter. We also offer rebates to reduce the cost of implementing the energy-saving projects you identify by using the software.
eis in action
energy information services
A medical facility managed by a commercial property management firm was looking for ways to trim its electricity bill and believed that making just a few adjustments to its energy management system could help save energy and money. The property manager turned to APS Energy Information Services (EIS), an online tool that could closely monitor the facility’s daily operations and energy use.
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