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it and data centers

​Energy costs at data centers can be more than 100 times higher than a typical office building. Creating an energy efficiency program for your data operations can trim these expenses.

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large offices

​According to ENERGY STAR®, commercial office buildings spend more than $130 billion annually on energy bills, with one-third of the energy going to waste. Implementing energy efficiency improvements can help commercial building owners and property management companies trim usage and save money.

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small offices

​Small offices spend more than $60 billion per year on energy, according to ENERGY STAR®. Energy efficiency improvements can improve the bottom line and create a more marketable building with fewer maintenance issues and a more comfortable work environment.

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grocery stores

​On average, grocery stores spend more than $4 per square foot annually on  energy. Cutting energy costs can make a noticeable difference to the bottom line. 


healthcare facilities

​Healthcare organizations, including inpatient and outpatient facilities, spend more than $8 billion on energy annually to meet the needs of patients. Energy management projects can help reduce consumption and save money.

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hospitality industry

​Keeping guests happy while controlling operating costs is a top priority for owners and managers in the hospitality industry. Energy management projects can help trim expenses while maintaining the level of service guests demand.


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industrial facilities
Industrial customers have very energy-intense processes and equipment. Compressed air and refrigeration systems are excellent candidates for energy saving strategies. We offer a free assessment on energy-saving equipment for a comprehensive approach.

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​Restaurants often use between five and seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Yet, high operating costs go hand-in-hand with creating the dining experience that patrons expect. Energy efficient upgrades can lower electricity costs, offer a noticeable return on investment and help maintain a high level of service.

retail stores

​Retail space accounts for more than 18 percent of the energy consumed by commercial buildings. Owners face the challenge of providing a comfortable environment for customers while keeping operational expenses in line. Energy management projects can help reduce consumption and save money.

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Balancing energy costs and student comfort can be a challenge for K-12 schools. Technical support, design assistance and equipment rebates from APS make it easy to create an inviting learning environment.
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Interested in more customized advice?

Our Solutions for Business team is happy to brainstorm energy-saving ideas with you and answer any questions you have about the program. Please call us at (866) 333-4735 to get started.