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The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program provides high quality energy efficiency equipment—such as energy efficient lighting, low water use showerheads and faucet aerators—to retrofit each unit, along with per-unit rebates for new construction or major renovation projects, including common area upgrades.These upgrades result in lower facility costs and happier residents. Open the tabs below to learn more.


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our Commitment. your Community
Making residents happy is good for your business.  APS would like to help you make your community more energy efficient.  Lower energy bills mean y​ou have happier residents, a stronger bottom line and a brighter community.
Request an in person assessment of your property and one of our trusted energy advisors will schedule a time to come tour your facility. Your community will receive free energy efficiency products and a detailed report of how your community can save energy and money.
Would you like more​ information? Fill out the form below to get started and a member of our team will follow up with you to address your need​s.
existing community residential dwelling retrofits
Existing multifamily communities are eligible to receive enough free energy efficient components to retrofit each residential dwelling within an existing multifamily community.
Provided components include:
  • compact florescent light bulbs — last up to 10 times longer and use up to 70% less energy than incandescent light bulbs
  • 1.5 gallon per minute showerheads with temperature valves — reduce amount of hot water needed for each shower. Water savings could reach as much as 6000 gallons per year or 500 gallons per month.
  • kiitchen and bathroom faucet aerators — reduce hot water needs by up to 30%
multifamily energy efficiency program overview

Download this PDF for a quick overview of our existing property and new construction energy efficiency rebate programs.

existing facility energy assessment

Our trade partners will work directly with existing multifamily communities to evaluate and identify available opportunities for energy savings in the common areas of your community.

An assessment will:

  • identify viable energy savings opportunities
  • estimate energy savings and project costs
  • identify available APS rebates


​Eligible multifamily properties are located in APS service territory and current APS customers, and have at least 5 units per building.  
Download this brochure for a complete program overview.
Contact us at or 855-733-1117 to schedule your evaluation today.
new construction & major renovation
​The benefits of energy efficiency are never greater than when they principles are included in the building process. That’s why we offer a per unit rebate for all construction projects that meet the program standards.

Program compliance may be reached by installing a prescriptive list of building features or by choosing your own features as long as the building, when tested, meets a specified performance standard.​
energy modeling assistance
Builders or developers proposing new construction or major renovation multifamily projects are eligible to receive an incentive when energy modeling is utilized to assess a building’s design for energy efficiency.

New construction or major renovation multifamily projects that use energy modeling are eligible to receive an incentive of 50% of the study cost up to a max of $5,000. The project must be eligible to participate in the APS MEEP New Construction program and the incentive is subject to funding availability.​
Open the steps to participate tab above to see how it works.

​Eligible multifamily properties are located in APS service territory and current APS customers, and have at least 5 units per building. Existing property projects must be proposed by the owner or property manager.


existing communities
  1. ​Download APS Multifamily existing dwelling enrollment form, complete and mail, email or fax back using the contact information included at the bottom of this page.
  2. We will contact you to schedule the unit and common area assessments.
  3. We will schedule a pre-inspection and arrange for the delivery of retrofit components.
  4. You must install components within 30 days of delivery.
  5. We will schedule and complete a post-installation inspection. 
new construction
  1. ​Download APS Multifamily new construction enrollment form, complete and mail, email or fax back using the contact information included at the bottom of this page.
  2. One of our partners will work with you during construction to ensure BOP requirements are met.
  3. We will perform building testing to verify building performance.
energy modeling assistance
  1. Submit the application including all supporting documentation using the contact information included at the bottom of this page.
  2. We will review your application for program compliance.
contact us
For any questions on the various multifamily rebate programs or to submit an application, contact us at:
APS MEEP Program
9034 N. 23rd Avenue, Suite 1
Phoenix, AZ 85021
phone: 855-733-1117
fax: 602-250-3371
direct install faq
  • Do the energy efficient components cost me anything?
    The dwelling walkthroughs and energy saving components are provided free of charge. APS only requires that the communities handle the component installations
  • Who pays for the free energy saving components?
    All the energy efficient products offered to multifamily communities are funded by APS customers through an DSM surcharge included on each customer's utility bill.
  • Will we need to purchase the same products after the warranty?
    You are not required to continue using the products you receive.  However one of the objectives of this program is to promote the energy savings the bulbs, showerheads and aerators provide as well as the positive effects it has on the environment with the continued to use of them in your community.
  • Can we get our install time extended beyond the 30 days?
    Yes, should additional time become necessary contact the MEEP office and discuss arrangements for an extension.
  • Do we have to install everything?
    No, each community has the choice to install the products best suited for its operation.  It is our desire for each community to reap the full benefits of the energy efficient measures we offer.  However it is understood there will be circumstances that will limit the possibility for a measure to be installed.
  • Why is APS offering water saving measures?
    Energy savings are realized when the household sees a reduction in the demand for hot water. An electric water heater is the second largest user of electricity in the typical household and fewer hours of operations add up to energy savings.
  • What happens if all program funding is exhausted before the year ends?
    Should the program become oversubscribed for the year the remaining communities will be moved into the next year's program.  APS will notify those communities before they are enrolled and begin a waiting list.  
    New Construction FAQ
  • Am I eligible to receive a partial rebate if I install most but not all of the Builder Option Package prescribed measures in the construction of a new multifamily facility?
    The builder option packages were designed to incentivize builders/developers to build to efficiency standards above building codes. To qualify for the rebates all Builder Option Package required measures must be installed to meet the minimum required standards.
  • What happens if my project does not meet all of the prescribed measures?
    For those projects that do not meet the prescribed measures it is possible to participate using the program's performance path. The performance path requires the use of a HERS rater to evaluate the building's performance and assign a Home Energy Rating System score or HERS score.  If the HERS score meets the minimum standards for the program an incentive may be awarded.
  • What happens if all program funding is exhausted before the year ends?
    When a participating community is accepted into the program, funding for their community's participation is earmarked and set aside. Should the program become oversubscribed and program funding exhausted, APS will notify those communities before they are enrolled and begin a waiting list. Any community put on a waiting list will be notified in the order received when additional funding is available and approval granted for participation.
  • How can a builder/developer participate in this program?
    Builders or developers that are proposing new construction or major renovation projects are eligible to participate and receive a rebate from APS for each unit that meets the prescribed energy efficiency requirements of the Builder Option Packages. Builder Option Package details can be found online at 
    Common Area FAQ
  • How will APS rebates help my community save money in the common areas?
    APS offers a variety of programs that provide rebates for energy efficiency upgrades on equipment that may be used in the common areas of the communities. Rebates exist for office lighting, site and landscape lighting, pool pumps, vending machines, laundry and workout facilities, and HVAC just to name a few.
  • What are the program's requirements?
    The property must be in the APS service territory and have a maximum demand of 400 kW or less (typically a monthly bill of $14,000 or less).
  • Do I have to complete the entire program in this calendar year?
    This is a multi-year program and so it is possible for the owner to plan for completing the proposed work over a number of years.
  • Who are the contractors that will be preforming the working?
    All the contractors or trade allies who work in the program are licensed and bonded contractors required to attend training class to learn how to implement the program and assist with filling out the application.
  • What will APS provide me?
    Each community will receive an initial site assessment report to highlight the possible energy efficient retrofit improvements and written evaluation report which will provide suggested energy saving measures, APS's incentive for each fixture or measure, annual savings represented in kilowatt/hours and dollars, the total project payback in years as well as all the product specifications.  All of this is provided to all multifamily communities as a courtesy from APS. 
  • Can anyone participate in this program?
    This program is offered only to APS customers.
  • Who should I call if I have program concerns or questions?
    The APS multifamily program team can be reached at (855) 733-1117.