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New medical technologies continue to improve patient care, but they may also increase your energy bills. Reduce these costs by implementing simple energy-saving strategies and receive valuable rebates in the process. Open the tabs below to see available rebates and resources, find a trade ally and check out some healthcare energy efficiency tips.

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program overview

Healthcare organizations, including inpatient and outpatient facilities, spend more than $8 billion on energy annually to meet the needs of patients. Read the energy efficiency guide for medical facilities below to see how you can start saving right away. Also included is a program overview to show you what’s new.

prescriptive rebates

​Outpatient facilities use up the most energy on lighting and HVAC. Find rebates for upgrading this equipment and more by choosing from a variety of prescriptive rebates below.​

custom rebates

​Reduce energy costs for your facility even more by taking advantage of custom rebates. If your project doesn’t appear on our list of prescriptive rebates, it may qualify for a custom rebate.


energy information services

​Track and manage energy use in your healthcare facility with our online tool that helps you analyze energy use in your buildings and across properties.



​We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low-interest-rate financing for qualifying projects. Rebates reduce upfront project costs and this financing offer may cover the rest.

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find a contractor

​Contact a Trade Ally who specializes in our programs.

​​​banner health
Recognizing that every dollar saved on energy is a dollar that can be invested in patient care, Banner Health decided to pool their resources and talent to create the Banner Energy Committee. In 2011, they enlisted the help of the APS Solutions for Business team to execute a variety of energy efficiency projects.​
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energy information services
A medical facility managed by a commercial property management firm was looking for ways to trim its electricity bill and believed that making just a few adjustments to its energy management system could help save energy and money. The property manager turned to APS Energy Information Services (EIS), an online tool that could closely monitor the facility’s daily operations and energy use.

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fry laboratories ​ 
Fry Laboratories first looked into improving the energy efficiency of their office lighting many years ago, but found it cost-prohibitive. Fast forward 12 years, when they contacted APS Solutions for Business and learned that a significant portion of project costs would be covered by APS rebates.


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energy studies

To take control of energy costs in your healthcare facility you must first determine precisely how your facility is wasting energy. Rebates for energy studies can offset up to 50% of the qualifying cost of audits, feasibility studies, design assistance and more.

Make sure your facility managers are on top of the latest energy-saving technologies and take advantage of our 50% tuition discounts.
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apsFYI newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter offers information and advice to help your facility save energy and money.

energy tips
  • Identify potential energy efficiency improvements with a walkthrough assessment or professional energy audit. Establish baseline energy usage, track changes to document the impact, target your most inefficient systems and use savings for additional capital investments. 
  • Office equipment  consumes a large amount of electricity. ENERGY STAR qualified office and imaging products use 30–75% less electricity than standard equipment.
  • Shut down computers and office equipment at night.
  • Replace your aging or inoperable HVAC system  with a properly sized ENERGY STAR® qualified model for maximum efficiency. 
  • Save 40–50% on energy use with occupancy sensors . Sensors automatically the lights on and off in areas that are only used occasionally, including examination rooms, restrooms and stock rooms.
  • Save up to 75% of lighting energy use when you replace exterior incandescent lamps with high-pressure sodium lamps.
  • Reduce lighting energy use  by 15–25% when you replace overhead T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with premium efficient T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts.