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​Every penny counts for municipal governments and nonprofit organizations. We can help you commit to energy efficiency and realize long-term cost savings while extending the lifetime of facility equipment and safeguarding the environment. Keep your energy costs in check by taking advantage of our established rebates, custom projects and energy study assistance.
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program overview

​The Solutions for Business program helps governments and nonprofits save money by reducing energy costs. The program overview shows you what’s new.

rebates for water and wastewater upgrades

Reduce energy wasted during pumping and aeration in your water, wastewater and water treatment or distribution plant.


express rebates for lighting & refrigeration

​Governments and nonprofits with an average monthly demand of 400 kW or less can participate in the Express Solutions rebate program. Express Solutions cuts the cost and inconvenience of lighting and refrigeration upgrades, making it easier for your nonprofit to save energy and money.


prescriptive rebates

​Lighting is the largest user of electricity for most governments and nonprofit organizations. Save money with lighting upgrades or choose from the variety of energy upgrades with set incentives below.

custom rebates

​Maximize your limited budget with custom rebates — if your energy-saving project doesn’t appear on our list of prescriptive rebates, it may qualify for a custom rebate.


energy information services

​Track and manage how your government or nonprofit facilities use energy with our online tool that analyzes energy use in your buildings and across properties.



​We’ve partnered with National Bank of Arizona to offer low-interest-rate financing for qualifying projects. Rebates reduce upfront project costs and this financing offer may cover the rest.

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find a contractor
​Contact a Trade Ally who specializes in our programs.

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government & nonprofit
​carefree water company

Carefree Water Company is a domestic water service provider for the town of Carefree, Arizona. Over time, the water company faced increasing water and energy consumption, which took a toll on its pumps. The APS Solutions for Business team approached the water company about participating in the Pump Test and Repair program.

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phoenix fire station
Like most municipalities, the City of Phoenix is always looking for ways to reduce energy usage and trim costs in its many buildings and facilities. City officials in the Public Works Department focused on identifying and implementing energy efficiency projects, and found an ideal opportunity in one of the City’s fire stations.

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​city of sedona wastewater department
Sedona Wastewater learned they could increase reliability and efficiency by updating their equipment, including upgrading to variable frequency drives (VFDs). Working with the Solutions for Business team, they received $112,476 in APS rebates to upgrade their systems, which led to an estimated savings of over $2.6 million.

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energy studies

Controlling energy costs begins with understanding how your facilities are wasting energy. Rebates for energy studies can offset up to 50% of the qualifying cost of audits, feasibility studies, design assistance and more.

energy efficiency guides

​Whether your government or nonprofit office is small or large, find out how you can save energy and money with the energy efficiency guides below.


​Keep your staff on top of the latest energy efficiency technologies and techniques with our regularly held workshops for APS customers and industry professionals. Learn about the latest energy-saving technologies and take advantage of our 50% tuition discounts.

apsFyi newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter offers information and advice to help your business save energy and money.

energy tips
  • Replace your aging HVAC system  with a properly sized ENERGY STAR® qualified model for maximum efficiency.
  • High-use lights and older fixtures are prime candidates for an upgrade - assess them first.
  • Replace all lamps when they reach 70% of their expected life, rather than on an individual basis. This reduces lighting maintenance costs by 25% or more. Save even more when you clean lamps and fixtures at the same time.
  • Save with CFLs - they produce 75% less heat and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Reduce lighting energy use  by 15–25% when you replace overhead T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts with premium efficient T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts.
  • Install occupancy sensors and controls  to save energy when areas are empty.
luke air force base receives over $300,000 in rebates
“You can’t beat it—we were able to get more energy-efficient work done and get a check at the end of the project,” says MSgt. Kelley.