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We offer a variety of incentive programs to support your business’s use of solar and other renewable technologies.
before you apply
We use a competitive ranking system to determine incentive funding. Because incentive funding may be cancelled if you miss any project completion milestones, we encourage you to review the following information before you apply.

first steps
Review our decision process to understand:
  • how funding decisions are made
  • how projects are scored
  • when funding decisions are announced and when to apply
  • what to do if your project is (or isn’t) funded
ranking calculator
Are you applying for an up-front incentive, our one-time incentive based on estimated savings your new system will provide during its first year of operation?
understand the technical requirements

​Review the equipment qualification and installation information that applies to your project to familiarize yourself with the technical requirements.


use the timeline to stay on track

Once you receive a reservation approval for your project, keep that reservation approval letter handy – it includes an important timeline that is specific to your installation.​