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Arizona is best-known for our sunshine but our state also has areas suited to other renewable energy solutions.
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​In addition to solar, there are many other renewable technologies that can help your business save money and energy.

​harness the wind's energy
Wind is an inexpensive, clean and renewable energy source. Tie your wind system to our power grid or install it as a standalone system to convert wind into electricity.
One of our earliest energy resources, wind has been harnessed throughout recorded history. It was first used to power boats and grind grain;, then to pump water, press oil, saw lumber and make paper.
Today, wind turbines the same size as traditional European windmills can generate 250 to 300 kilowatts of power, a nearly tenfold increase in efficiency.
extract the earth's heat
Geothermal energy uses heat from inside the earth. Different technologies can be used to extract that heat and create electricity, warm water or provide heat to your business.
Arizona businesses are using geothermal energy in innovative ways that include shrimp and fish-farming and winter citrus irrigation.
​channel the earth's hot water

Interested in learning more about how to harness hydro applications to generate power for your business? Call us at 602-328-1924 to discuss your program’s parameters.

other renewable projects

If you have a renewable energy project or application that does not fit our program please contact us at (602) 328-1924.