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Questions about your bill? Check out the resources below to help you better understand the charges.

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view a sample bill
The majority of our business customers qualify for the E-32 Small service plan. Check out this sample bill with a breakdown of the charges. Even if you are on a different service plan, your bill will look similar with many of these same line items.
fixed charges
​There are basic costs that we incur in order to deliver power to our customers each month. They do not fluctuate based on your usage. Fixed charges include:
Customer Account Charge – the minimum charge for having service available, whether you used electricity or not.

Delivery Service Charge – a charge, based on your kWh usage and/or kW demand, to build and operate equipment for delivering electricity to your business, including lines, poles, transformers and substations.

Metering – a fixed fee for providing and servicing the meter.

Meter Reading – a fixed fee to determine your energy use.

Billing – the cost of calculating and providing your monthly statement.
demand charge
​The “demand charge – delivery” line item on your bill reflects the cost to meet your energy needs at any one time. It will change every month based on when and how you used energy.
energy charge
The “generation of electricity” line item on your bill reflects the cost of the total number of kilowatt-hours you use in a month. It is a calculation of your demand and the period of time you were using energy. This charge will change every month based on how long you run your equipment.
Adjustors helps us keep the amount you pay for electricity in line with what it actually costs us to provide power. They also help pay for renewable energy programs and customer incentives. They are reviewed regularly by the Arizona Corporation Commission and change to accurately reflect our costs. For more information on individual adjustors, visit our adjustors page.