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Whether your business is large, small or anything in between, our service plans have been designed specifically to meet your needs. Your plan is determined by the average monthly demand during the summer months of May-October. Each year your usage is reviewed and your plan may change accordingly. And while you cannot request a different plan, you may benefit by selecting a Time of Use option if you can shift your energy use away from the on-peak hours of 3-8 pm.

rate faqs
​​The most commonly asked questions regarding changes to our service plans.

​Adjustors help balance our costs to produce energy with the amount you pay. They also help pay for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and incentives.
classified plans
​Plans are available to customers with unique energy needs such as schools, streetlights and water pumping.
peak plans
Our peak solutions program is no longer open to new customers. If you are currently enrolled in the program and need assistance,
please call 877-797-7443.

Once a year, average service plan monthly usage is assessed reassignment.