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It takes a lot of electricity to keep your business cool during Arizona’s hot summers. When you work with us to reduce the energy load, we can share our cost savings with you.
peak solutions for business

​APS Peak Solutions is a direct load control demand response program for our Commercial and Industrial business customers in the Metropolitan Phoenix and Yuma areas.

how it works
  • Peak Solutions personnel work with customers to review their electrical usage, energy end use systems, processes and load management controls to design a load reduction strategy that meets the customer's needs and the program requirements.
  • The program is absolutely free with no hidden costs or maintenance fees.
  • APS Peak Solutions pays your business an annual thank you check for reducing load on event days.
  • Learn how to use the SuperStat thermostat.
Call 877-797-7443 to get started 
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peak event pricing

Peak Event Pricing works in addition to your current service plan. Save energy and money while you help us reduce our system load during “peak events” in June through September, when energy demand is highest. 

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how it works
  • we select up to 18 peak events during a calendar year
  • peak events are between 3 pm and 8 pm on weekdays (weekends and holidays are excluded)
  • we send an email, phone call or text message by 4 pm the business day before the event (receiving the message is your responsibility)
  • pay an additional charge during peak events
  • receive a discount during the June – September billing cycles
  • eligible if a standard meter’s installed
  • ineligible if enrolled in our Peak Solutions program
Questions? Call us at 602-216-0318 (Phoenix area) or 800-659-8149.