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Grandfathered solar plans


Grandfathered solar customers who are currently on one of the frozen Combined Advantage plans can switch to a different legacy plan. Take a look to see if switching plans can help you save.
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If your current plan is:

  • Combined Advantage 9pm - 9am
  • Combined Advantage 7pm - noon

You can switch to:

  • Standard
  • Time Advantage 9pm - 9am
  • Time Advantage 7pm - noon
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Current service plan options

You can also review current plan options:

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of your plan options as well as pricing and tips for ways to save.


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Your next step:
Even if you choose to stay on your current service plan, you’ll need to email or call us to let us know. If we don’t hear from you, we will call you to note your preference.

Email us at legacyplanoptions@aps.com or call 602-216-1308 (local) 800-659-8148 (toll-free).

After December 31, 2019, plans will freeze again.
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