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Green choice plans

aps green choice block option

One block equals 100 kWh generated by renewable resources. Each block costs a premium of $1.02 per month.

Enter the amount of blocks or kWh (in 100's) you would like met by renewable sources each month. The number of monthly blocks you sign up for are limitless. The dollars will be calculated for you.


aps green choice percentage option

Select the percent of your monthly kWh usage you would like met by renewable sources

   @ $0.0102/kWh in addition to my normal monthly charges
  • calculation example, assuming you signed up for 35% and used 2,000 kWh in a billing cycle
  • 2,000 kWh x 35% = 700 kWh
  • 700 kWh x $0.0102 = $7.14 billing premium plus tax, in addition to your regular monthly charges
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