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Reserve Rewards


The technology is sophisticated, but the idea is simple. Heat your water during off-peak hours when energy usage and cost are lower, and then use it whenever you need it.

That's the idea behind our APS Reserve Rewards program. It offers eligible customers in targeted areas a Ruud connected heat pump water heater from Rheem, in exchange for allowing us to manage the timing of the water heater for the life of the unit.

The program is free and there is an instant 100% rebate on the water heater, valued at up to $6,000 with professional installation included.

This program is currently full and no longer accepting new applications.

Here's how it works:



If you meet the basic eligibility requirements, you will be prompted to complete an application and will need to sign an agreement and upload a photoshop of your current water heater that shows where it's located at your home.

Site Survey


Once your information has been verified, the installer will review the application and perform a remote analysis based on the photo you upload.

If the location of your water heater appears to be able to accommodate the heat pump water heater, you will be contacted by the installer to schedule a site survey appointment at your home.


If your home passes the site survey, the installer will complete the installation of the water heater at a mutually convenient time, and you will be able to use the water heater as soon as it is installed.

Service Plan

We will do a remote inspection to make sure the water heater is properly connected to our system and operating according to a schedule that reduces on-peak usage. If you are not currently on one of our Saver Choice plans, your service plan will be updated to ensure maximum benefit from the scheduled operation of your new heat pump water heater.

FAQs for participating customers


This program will allow us to study the effectiveness of heating the water during off-peak (lower cost) hours and avoiding high energy demand periods. 


A qualified local water heater installer will install the water heater in your home.  


The amount of time required for installation at each home will vary based on several factors. A typical install takes 1-2 business days. You will need to be at the home during the initial inspection to provide the installer access to your home. And during the installation of the water heater, the installer will require unrestricted access to the area where the water heater may be placed. 


A minimum of a 30” x 74” water heater plus clearance for additional equipment is needed for the 80- gallon unit (for energy storage purposes, the largest water tank is preferred, if your space can accommodate it). Based on the space available, one of the following three Ruud units may be installed: 


You will continue to be billed as you are today. 


Yes. However, the water heater will not use the energy generated from the solar system to heat the water. It will charge with energy from the grid.

NOTE: Customers who have rooftop solar and are currently on a grandfathered service plan with net metering would need to switch to the Saver Choice, Saver Choice Plus or Saver Choice Max service plan and would not be able to go back to a grandfathered service plan once the program has ended.


Yes. The water heater will use energy from the grid so no additional meter would be installed.


If the ownership of the home changes, through the sale of the home or otherwise, the subsequent homeowner(s) can elect to take your place as the participant in the program.


If you retain ownership of the home but move out for any reason, you would retain ownership of the water heater. Please notify us about any residency change at reserverewards@aps.com.


Participants will receive an instant rebate for the water heater, valued at up to $6,000 with professional installation, and will own the unit. 


  • Always make sure you have the Rheem EcoNet app on your mobile phone and keep your water heater connected to the app.
  • Disable “Follow Schedule” in the Rheem EcoNet App.
  • For help at any time with the Rheem EcoNet app or water heater, call Rheem EcoNet Support at (800) 255-2388 and tell them you are an APS Reserve Rewards participant.


The water heater will be covered by both a manufacturer’s warranty and an installation warranty. Please contact the installer for any service requests.


You will receive a rebate for the entire cost of the water heater. Rebate is only available to APS customers. Contact your tax advisor with any tax-related questions.


Please call the APS Reserve Rewards program line at 844-605-4342 or email us at reserverewards@aps.com with any questions.

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