Reserve Rewards

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Thank you for your interest and participation in the APS Reserve Rewards program. The study has concluded.

The program offered eligible customers a heat pump water heater that was set to heat water during off-peak hours when solar resources are most abundant.

To get the most value from your heat pump water heater, we recommend you continue to optimize the use of your water heater during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. The size and efficiency of the unit will continue to provide you with hot water whenever it is needed.

We appreciate your participation and support of Arizona’s clean energy future. Enjoy the value these energy efficient devices provide.

This program is full and is not accepting new applications.

FAQs for Participating Customers


This program will allow us to study the effectiveness of heating the water during off-peak (lower cost) hours and avoiding high energy demand periods. 


The water heater will not use the energy generated from the solar system to heat the water. It will charge with energy from the grid. We encourage you to run your water heater during the day to help maximize the use of clean energy when solar power is abundant and when energy costs are lower.

NOTE: Customers who have rooftop solar and are currently on a grandfathered plan with net metering would need to switch to one of the current time-of-use plans and would not be able to go back to a grandfathered service plan once the program has ended.


The water heater will be covered by both a manufacturer’s warranty and an installation warranty. Please contact the installer for any service requests.


Please call the APS Reserve Rewards program line at 844-605-4342 or email us at reserverewards@aps.com with any questions.

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