Oak Creek Substation to McGuireville Substation 69kV

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Voltage - 69kV
Estimated completion date - Summer 2019
Location - Oak Creek/McGuireville area

Project need
Connect the Oak Creek Substation to the McGuireville Substation. Ensure reliability for customers throughout the Oak Creek and McGuireville area.

Project description
APS continually monitors its electrical system and, when necessary, adds or upgrades facilities. These improvements enhance reliability and help ensure that an adequate supply of electric power is available to customers.

The purpose of this project is to increase the reliability in the area by connecting the McGuireville Substation (located near Cornville Road and Restoration Loop) and the Oak Creek Substation (near Highway 179 and Jacks Canyon Road) with a new 69kV sub-transmission line. This will minimize the loss of the ability to serve customers in the Oak Creek area, McGuireville, and Cornville in the event of outages on either the existing Verde to Capital Butte 69kV line, and/or the Quail Springs to McGuireville 69kV line.

The primary reason for connecting the project at both the Oak Creek and McGuireville substations is that the substations are each at the end of long radial segments of line. A radial line is a line that serves a substation without a redundant or backup power line from another source. By connecting Oak Creek and McGuireville substations, it connects the radial power lines at each substation, and provides backup for each line as described above.

The new segments of the 69kV power line will be built on steel poles and will be a single 69kV circuit configuration (three wires per circuit). Some portions of the line, depending on routing, may consolidate with existing single circuit poles creating a double 69kV circuit configuration (six total wires on the same pole). The new 69kV power line may be constructed in a new alignment or added in areas where some lines already exist. It is anticipated that any new poles would be approximately 65 feet in height, similar to existing 69kV lines in the area. The line segments would require a right-of-way or easement approximately 30 to 40 feet in width to construct, operate, and maintain the facility.

Project maps
Preliminary Route Groups
Route Options 

Project planning
In mid 2018, APS hired Environmental Planning Group (EPG) to assist in evaluating route alternatives, to assess potential environmental impacts, and to support the public outreach process. Baseline information about land use, visual, biological, cultural, and recreational resources for the area has been collected. A set of preliminary alternatives was developed and studied in detail, resulting in the identification of three route groups, which were presented to the public at an Open House in the Village of Oak Creek on June 5, 2019. Attendees provided verbal and written comments, which along with the results of the detailed environmental review, were used to develop the three route options remaining in the process.

Because the route alignment will cross U.S. Forest Service land, we are coordinating with the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District. The Coconino National Forest is engaging the public scoping period for the National Environmental Policy Act process, beginning on January 6th 2020, and ending on February 5th, 2020. The Coconino National Forest welcomes comments on the project and the project options. Comments may be submitted in writing, through one of the following methods: via email to comments-southwestern-coconino-redrock@usda.gov (include “APS McGuireville-Oak Creek” in the subject line); via mail to Red Rock Ranger District, Attention: APS McGuireville-Oak Creek, P.O. Box 20429, Sedona, AZ 86341; via facsimile to (928) 203-7539; or in person at the Red Rock Ranger District Office, 8375 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86351.

In addition to the Coconino National Forest, APS and EPG have held briefings with jurisdictional representatives including the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, Yavapai County Public Works Department, the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, and the Beaver Creek Community Association, about the proposed project, and to solicit input from them.

Public input is important
As the process moves forward, the Coconino National Forest Red Rock Ranger District, along with APS and EPG, will evaluate all the information received throughout the process. Based on these evaluations, the Red Rock District, in coordination with APS and EPG, will select the final preferred route. Information from the Red Rock District will follow sharing information about the selected alternative.

Project updates
Throughout the planning process, this webpage will be maintained with the latest information. Comments can be submitted directly to Kevin Duncan, APS Senior Siting Consultant, at oakcreekmcguireville@apsc.com.

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