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Our shade tree program, available only to Maricopa County residential customers, offers free shade trees and tree education to help maximize your home's energy savings.
You’ll block the sun’s rays, reduce cooling needs and add value to your property.
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why plant a shade tree?
Well-placed shade trees can block the sun’s rays and reduce cooling energy costs by as much as $50 per year.
Shade trees also:
  • produce oxygen to help clean the air
  • capture rainwater
  • provide wildlife habitat
  • reduce storm water runoff

Shade Tree program participants must:
  • be an APS customer living in a single family home
  • live in Maricopa County
  • be willing to plant the trees no more than 15 feet away from an air conditioned space on the east, west, or south side of the home
  • have permission to plant trees on the property
  • have the ability to care for the trees as needed
  • have completed an online or attended an in person tree care training workshop
tree care workshops

​To qualify for free shade trees, participants must complete a tree care workshop. Workshops may be completed online or by attending any one of several instructor-led workshops held throughout Phoenix in the spring and fall months.

To see a schedule of available instuctor-led shade tree events, visit the events tab.

Tree care workshops provide important information about selecting, planting and caring for your trees. The curriculum is designed to ensure tree survivability and maximize your energy savings.

tree information
trees without thorns
(h x w)
growth​ litter​ foilage/flowers​ comments
thornless palo verde 
25 ft. x 25 ft.​ fast​ low​ yellow flowers in the spring​ ​drops very small leaves December - March
thornless mesquite
30 ft. x 30 ft.​ medium​ high - bean pod​ bean pods in summer​ ​drops leaves
December - April
desert willow
25 ft. x 25 ft.​ fast​ high - flowers most of the year, seed pods​ pink flowers​ ​drops leaves late
November - March
willow acacia
40 ft. x 40 ft.​ fast​ low​ white puff balls on and off all year​ ​evergreen


trees with thorns
(h x w)
growth​ litter​ foilage/flowers​ comments
blue palo verde
30 ft. x 30 ft.​ fast​ low​ yellow flowers in the spring​ ​drops very small leaves December - March
native mesquite
30 ft. x 30 ft.​ fast​ high - bean pod edible bean pod​ ​pods can be ground into a nutritious flour


contact us
If you need assistance or additional information feel free to call or email us at

online program: 855-670-2774
instructor-led program: 602-357-0032
participation is easy
select your workshop type

complete the workshop
pick up your trees
plant & save
online tree care workshops
to participate online
  1. watch a short instructional video
  2. complete a 10 question quiz
  3. order trees
  4. pick up the trees
  5. plant trees

start online workshop

​The online tree care workshop may take up to 40 minutes to complete. If you experience technical difficulties, please call 855-670-2774 for assistance. 

begin workshop
tree pickup events
Chaparral High School - tree pickup only
6935 E Gold Dust Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
December 6, 2014
8:30 am to 12 pm
This program is funded by APS customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. ​



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